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Smart Flue Gas Analyser Kit

Product code - DC710 C1 Smart Flue Gas Analyser Kit



Flue Gas Analyser. When Combined with Smartphone & App: Easy, Affordable & Remote Operation!

Product Information

Kit includes DC710 Unit, USB Charger, A770 Combustion Flue Probe w/Temperature & Carry Case.
Operate remotely via Bluetooth using your Smartphone or tablet and the free TPI app. No need for long probe hoses – you can be at the control center with your smartphone, while the DC710 does the work at the stack.
The free TPI app provides on-site reports which can instantly be emailed and stored without the need for paper or printers.
24-Hour real-time clock for accurate documentation.
Powerful magnetic and/or hook mounting.
Durable, rugged and sealed housing.

Product Specification

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