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TPI709R Kit 1Flue Gas Analyser

Product code - 709R-Kit 1 TPI709R Kit 1Flue Gas Analyser



A professional instrument to carry out all essential tests including combustion analysis, differential pressure, differential temperature and CO detection.

Product Information

Product Information

The TPI 709R Kit 1 includes:

IR Printer
Protective Rubber Boot
Thermocouple Gas Sampling Probe
Spare filter for in-line Water Trap Bowl Filter
Battery Charger
Mini in-Line Pump Protection Filter
Exhaust Spigot
Air Thermocouple Probe
2 x 1 metre Sillicone Pressure Tubing
Soft Carry Case
Instruction manual and Calibration sticker

Key Features of the TPI 709R Kit:
3 year O2 & CO Sensors.
Longer life sensor means only 1 major service during a 6 year period. Save time and money
Water Trap & Disc Filter. Protects from water ingress.
In-line Pump Protection Filter. Stopping dust/dirt ingress into pump.

Product Specification

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