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TPI 753a Refigerant Gas Leak Detector

Product code - 753a TPI 753a Refigerant Gas Leak Detector



The TPI 753a refrigerant gas leak detector uses AIT (advanced ionization technology) and a high capacity built-in pump to detect refrigerant gases in concentrations as low as 0.1 oz/year. An audible tick and visual bargraph indicate the leak rate with sensitivity being adjustable via simple push buttons to assist pinpointing the leak.

Product Information

0.1 oz/yr leak detection sensitivity (R22 or R134a)
Built-in high capacity pump for fast response
Visual and audible alarm
Adjustable sensitivity
Fast warm up time
Flexible probe
Detects all existing refrigerants and blends including:
R-507 (AZ50®)
Sulphur Hexaflouride (SF6) above 750ppm
Supplied complete with:
Soft carry pouch
User instructions
Spare sensor
Battery - 2 x long life C cells (LR14)
12 Months Calibration Certificate

Product Specification