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TPI A773 Inline Oil Filter for TPI Flue Gas Analyser Probe (Pack of 5)

Product code - A773



Use the TPI A773 in addition to the Water Trap & Pump Protection Filters to stop potential harmful residues from affecting the performance of the CO sensor and the internal pump within your Flue Gas Analyser when on solid fuels.

Product Information

Used in conjunction with the standard A794-F particulate filter which is situated within the water trap assembly, the A773 filter helps protects the sensors from the effects of sulphur and to eliminate incorrect readings. The A773 does not have to be removed when working with other types of fuels.

Regular replacement of the TPI A773 disposable filter assembly and the A794-F filter element helps to ensure that the TPI analyser is operating correctly and efficiently.

Compatible with the following TPI flue gas analysers when used for testing oil fired burners:
TPI 709R flue gas analyser
TPI 712 flue gas analyser
TPI 714 flue gas analyser (NOT 714N NOx version)
TPI 716 flue gas analyser (NOT 716N NOx version)
When replacing a contaminated TPI A773 filter ensure that the 'fat' end of the new filter is fitted to the flue probe hose and the 'thin' end towards the analyser.

Product Specification